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Website Development

Does your website look outdated? Are you in need of a website for a new project or business?

All websites are not created equal. It’s easy to make a website look good and load fast on a computer. The challenge is squishing it down to phone-size and making it load fast on a cellular connection. Zuffnuff has a mobile-first approach to help you future-proof your next website.

Need for Speed

Google’s data shows that websites which take longer than 3 seconds to load lose 40% of visitors before the page even loads. Speed matters, especially on a phone.

Device Agnostic Design

The internet is no longer “one size fits all.” A website must be functional on screens that are less than 3 inches wide all the way to over 27 inches.

Security and Backups

A website requires care and maintenance. Without updates and a backup plan you invite disaster.

Google, Please

A website is not just “build it and they will come.” There are deliberate steps and best practices for ensuring Google knows you exist. Zuffnuff’s goal is to get you found.

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Zuffnuff is an official Google Partner


Google, Please

A website is not just “build it and they will come.” Getting found when someone Googles you or your business, what you sell or do, or what problems you solve is constant challenge.


For search engine optimization there are dos and don’ts. You can rank well on Google or you can actually get black-listed, depending upon you tactics. Best practices beat short-term tricks in the long run.


You cannot always rank for all the Google (or Bing) searches you desire. But Google and Bing have a pay-to-play option that is a great choice for many businesses.

Website Analytics

Zuffnuff lives by the maxim That which cannot be measured cannot be improved. As such, we take our clients’ analytics and measurable goals very serious.

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Why Zuffnuff?

Experience and honesty matter. There are lots of people who know just enough to talk a good game. They tend to underdeliver. We’ve been at this for over ten years and aim to overdeliver. And Zuffnuff is a Google Partner. If Google trusts us, we hope you can too.

The User Comes First

We build websites with the end user in mind. This means that things that may look good on a computer are often a very bad idea for the end user.

Function Over Form

We prescribe to the rule “don’t make them think.” Our websites are thoughtfully designed with navigation for an intuitive user experience on any size device.


Zuffnuff’s unique design approach shortens the design phase, saving clients time and money.

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